Q&A: Candidate experience and Hiring Processes with Shrey Nagrath

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Today, we are in a Conversation with Shrey Nagrath from Enlighten about their hiring process and candidate experiences.

What does your hiring process look like?

The first step is to shortlist candidates using their CVs and maybe a cover letter/sample (if it's a writing-related job) to get a sense of their past experiences

After that, we give the shortlisted candidates an assignment/task to complete. this is generally very close to what their actual roles/responsibilities will be after they join. The time given for this is a little higher given we need to accommodate their current working schedules. Generally, the assignment is explained over email, but the candidates can connect with us to check for any questions

After the assignment is done, we shortlist candidates for one or 2 rounds of interviews (depending on the position)

After what steps do you provide feedback?

Generally, we directly don't provide feedback to all candidates. This is typical because of time constraints and the volume of applications received. Providing individual feedback to every candidate can be time-consuming and can also open up the organization to potential legal issues if the feedback is not properly communicated.

But in case someone reaches out - we provide full feedback over emails/calls. We focus on specific areas where the candidate could improve, and provide actionable advice on how they can improve their skills and performance.

However, We are trying to change the process and provide feedback at every step.

Are there any extra steps you can take to make the candidate experience better?

a) Being connected with the candidate in the assignment stage is crucial. To understand their thought process as well as to help them out at any stage

b) We are also open to compensating candidates for their efforts put into the assignment given it goes out from their working hours

Do you ask for feedback from candidates about their experience after they’re done with the process?

Try to do it at every stage of the process. After the assignment, after 1 round of the interview, etc.

How many days on average does your hiring process take?

End-to-end it takes 20-30 days on average; depending upon position, people applying, etc.

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