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Today we talk about this trendy buzzword that has seeped into the world of HR: Empathy.

Practicing empathy as HR leaders

As an HR leader, your touch of empathy 🤲 can make all the difference. It's what can turn a lengthy dispute into a quick resolution 🚀.

Yes, let’s be real - empathy isn't a quick fix or a box to tick - far from it 🚫

As an HR leader, how you handle empathy can mean the difference between sorting things out quickly or dealing with long, drawn-out issues. ⏳

Think about it: every policy you draft, every initiative you roll out, it's not just about the business, it's about people. Real people with real lives 🌍. When you weave empathy into these tasks, you're not just making rules; you're creating solutions that truly mean something to the people at your org. 👥

The result? Policies that people actually get behind, initiatives that work, and employees that feels seen and supported 👏.

When employees see you, leading with empathy, they feel more comfortable opening up. They'll share their challenges and concerns, and that's gold for creating a supportive work environment. 💛

Remember, you're not just an HR professional; you're a culture creator 🎨. When you show empathy, it echoes across the whole organization, encouraging managers and team leaders to follow suit.

Let's Hear From You!

We're curious: How do you foster empathy in your workplace? Was there a certain conflict you resolved with empathy? Share your strategies or stories with us.

What is ‘Practical Empathy’?

More often than not, attempts to foster empathy in the workplace can lead to empathy fatigue for leaders and frustration in employees due to ingenuine practices. 😥

41% of employees feel their employers’ expressions of empathy are empty of meaning, and 47% said they lack follow through.

This is where ‘practical empathy’ comes into the picture. O.C. Tanner's research identified 6 key steps as essential for HR professionals to exercise practical empathy:

  • Focus on the person by prioritizing individual employees’ needs 👤

  • Seek understanding through input and feedback on employee experiences 🗣️

  • Listen to learn rather than demonstrating empathy 👂

  • Embrace perspectives of diverse groups and individuals 🌈.

  • Take supportive action by acting on the employees’ behalf 👏

  • Respect boundaries by setting up systems to relieve leaders from comprehensive support roles 🚧

Learn more: Source | Report

Today’s Key Takeaways

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