Building a Values-Based Culture

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Yesterday we talked about what we can do to give employees a sense of purpose. According to the poll, the majority believe that “Meaningful Work Assignments” can strongly drive purpose for employees. 💡

Today, we will slightly shift gears and explore the concept of culture and values.

Having a company culture deeply rooted in strong values isn’t just a bonus today – it's quite essential. 🌿

Winning Culture with VBOs

Just like us individuals have our own quirks and charms that make us who we are, a company's culture is basically its own special blend of values, traditions, and ways of doing things. Think of it as the company's personality that influences everything from daily conversations to big-time decision-making. 🌐

And when the company's culture has a positive vibe, it seeps into how employees feel and really boosts motivation as well as employee productivity. ⬆️

Ok, so what’s a values-based organization? One more new thing I need to learn?

It’s not new, it’s just how organizations have now evolved. According to SHRM, a values-based organization (VBO) is a living, breathing culture of shared core values among all employees. 🗒️

We're all essentially part of a big team sharing the same playbook of core values. This beats the old-school, super strict way of doing things. Everyone, from the folks in the cubicles to the big bosses, are all aligned about what's important. 🤝

78% of employees who rate their organization’s culture as “good” or “excellent” (vs. “poor” or “terrible”) say they are less likely to have actively looked for a new job in the past six months. 😊

When a value-based organization really puts its values front and center, performance levels start shooting up, customer service gets a major boost, and hey, even sustainability gets a thumbs up. It's all about sticking to those core values. 🌟 

And you know what? Having a values-based culture really holds up well, even when things get shaky – keeping everyone productive and committed. 🚀🤝

Who Is Responsible for Company Culture?

From new hires to the top brass, everyone plays a part in developing and maintaining a winning company culture. Leaders set the stage, managers take action and employees strengthen the company’s culture by supporting its ideals. And HR is at the heart of it all. 💪

It's also not just about what leaders think they're doing; it's about what employees see and feel. Surprisingly, nearly half of employees (45%) believe that leaders are just skimming the surface when it comes to culture. 🙎

To bridge this gap, it's crucial we empower everyone to take part in shaping the culture. Here are some of the many ways HRs can play their part in building a more values aligned culture.

  1. Define Core Values: Clearly articulate the organization's core values, ensuring they're in sync with the overall mission and vision. 🚀 (as for how to do it - scroll down and check out the free guide! 📖)

  2. Communicate Values Consistently: Regularly communicate these values in all forms – from onboarding to daily interactions and company-wide meetings. 🗣️

  3. Address Value Mismatches: Quickly tackle behaviors that don't align with these values. Realign and steer back on course. 🔄

  4. Culture Health Checks: Keep tabs on how well employee actions resonate with these values through surveys and feedback sessions. 📊

  5. Foster a Feedback Culture: Encourage an environment where feedback flows freely, supporting a culture of continuous improvement and alignment with values. 🤝

  6. Keep Values Alive: Constantly reinforce these values, ensuring they're more than just words on a wall – they're part of your decision-making and everyday interactions. 🌟

Aligning our culture with our values isn't just nice to have – it’s essential.

Let's lead the way! 🚀


Free Complete Guide

Check out Springworks' ultimate guide on Creating Company Values. Dive into this detailed guide to learn the ins and outs of creating and sharing your company's values. 📘

Get insights on why company values are crucial, how they play a key role in attracting top talent, and tips on making them stick in the minds and hearts of your employees. 🌟

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